Company profile
       China Carbon Valley Technology Group Co., Ltd. (HK:1315) was established by the expert in the 2D material and nanomaterials in 2014. The company mainly focuses on the research of mass manufacturing of graphene, as well as the production and marketing of its products. With the experience of many years in the field of 2D material andnanomaterials, the research team invented a unique Non-liquid Functional Exfoliating Process (NFEP) and realized the industrial production of high quality graphene sheets.....<详细>
Gray-black powder graphene sheets in form of powder. The diameter-thickness ratio is greater than 300, and the specific conductance is greater than1 X 105S/m Detail>>
Gray-black graphene sheets in form of slurry. The diameter-thickness ratio is greater than 500, and the specific conductance is greater than 1 X 105S/m      Detail>>
Graphene Sheet in dispersions has diameter-thickness ratio of greater than 500, and the conductivity  of greater than 1 X 105S/m,with excellent thermal    Detail>>   


Graphene Polymer Composites
Graphene and polymer composite materials, can not only enhance the strength of the material, but also improve the electrical and thermal conductivity of the material, which will make the polymer material exhibit better performance and more extensive uses/applications.
Graphene Metal Composites
Graphene metal play a role of powerful combination of graphene and metal.It will be a new type of super reinforced material, while also improving the electrical and thermal conductivity. With the compositing, an ordinary metallic material can replace the high-performance precious metal .
Graphene Ceramic Composites
Graphene can play a good role in bridging and filling in the graphene ceramic composites, which can enhance the features of ceramic material, such as hardness, abrasive resistance, and resistance to oxidation.
Energy Storage Materials
By compositing graphene with energy storage materials, it will help to build a better conductive network for energy storage materials,which could reduce the charging time of lithium battery,and greatly improve the battery capacity when high-rate discharging.
Environmental Materials
With the large diameter-thickness ratio and lipophilicity, graphene has a very good ability of absorbing oil . Meanwhile, because of its large surface area and gas-barrier properties, graphene can be used for the abatement of harmful particles and gases.